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    Falling In Love With My CEO

    by Chelsea Sloane

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    He's gorgeous. He's brilliant. One of the youngest billionaires in the country and my new CEO. He's so out of my league. Or is he?
    Emma - I was starry eyed and eager to succeed when I landed an interview with the hottest new startup in Silicon Valley; Fairgame.
    I knew I was batting in the big leagues now.
    I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.
    What I didn’t expect was to fall so hard for Noah Russell, the tech prodigy and CEO of Fairgame.
    The man who could have any woman he wanted.

    Noah - I operated on a one-track mind; work beats everything else. Even all the girls who were lining up to tackle me and hold me down.
    Then I met Emma Cavendish, who walked into my office with big ideas. She criticized me and my company.
    Who did she think she was?
    I knew who I thought she was; the woman who could change my life forever.

    A sweet and short (17 000-word) novella about falling in love with a billionaire boss.



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    Falling In Love With My CEO Chelsea Sloane

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    Falling In Love With My CEO

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    Chelsea Sloane


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